Internal funding source

Funding enables you to load and manage funds of an individual user account. The nCore platform provides General Ledger (GL) accounts that hold the balances of the users. nCore APIs are available to manage the funds held in these accounts.

Load funds

The user account linked to the card needs to be funded before the card can be used for the transactions. You can load funds to the user account by sending a POST request to the /accounts/{id}:loadFunds endpoint. This API call will load funds from program funding account to the user account.

POST /accounts/{id}:loadFunds

{ "currency": "USD", "amount": 100, “dry_run”: false }

Unload funds

In order to transfer back your user account funds to your program funding account, you can send a POST request to the /accounts/{id}:unloadfunds endpoint.

POST /accounts/{id}:unloadFunds

{ "currency": "USD", "amount": 100, "dry_run”: false }

Check balance

After loading funds into the user account, you can check your balance by sending a GET request to the /accounts/{id} endpoint.

GET /accounts/{id}

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