Card fulfillment

Card fulfillment mechanism helps you to track your newly created physical cards request. Fulfillment mechanism is managed for two possible cases:

  • Individual card fulfillment

  • Bulk cards fulfillment

Individual card fulfillment

This card fulfillment is appropriate for a single cardholder. Cardholders receive their personalized cards by mail at the addresses provided in the create card request.

Bulk cards fulfillment

This card fulfillment enables you to create N number of non-personalized cards in bulk form. The bulk of cards is delivered to the shipping address provided in the create bulk card issuance request. Bulk cards fulfillment is a good option when you want to have more control over individual card details e.g., assigning specific user tokens.

Card fulfillment status

When a card is fulfilled, the fulfillment_status field of the card object and the bulk issuance object is updated. For physical cards, fulfillment providers (perso vendors) offer different shipping options. If the fulfillment provider supports live tracking and status updates then the fulfillment_status will be updated and will reflect the live status of card fulfillment journey.

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