Release announcements

Release Notes (03/05/2022)

Main features and improvements:
  • Implemented return of both available balance and ledger balances in ‘Accounts’ APIs responses.
  • Implemented changes to support the new industry standard – eight-digit issuing BIN.
  • Improved "IDENTITY_VERIFICATION" webhook, so now the system will send this webhook notification event along with a ‘status_reason_code’ as "B1" if the user is not verified.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an error, which occurred when updating a user with 'user_type'=BUSINESS.
  • Fixed the issue with duplicated BIN & PAN range during card product creation/update within the tenant.
  • Fixed the issue which occurred when performing KYC for users with 'status' = PENDINGIDVERIFICATION.
  • Fixed the issue with webhooks response time.

Release Notes (19/04/2022)

Main features and improvements:
  • Updated webhook event name from “CARD_TRANSACTION“ to “TRANSACTION", as it includes both card transactions and API transactions. Note, that if you are using an old webhook event ‘CARD_TRANSACTION’, now it will have an 'events' type - ‘TRANSACTION’.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue when used card PIN did not conform with PIN length defined at card product level.
  • Fixed an issue when duplicate webhook notifications were received for load transactions.
  • Fixed error issues in 'Create/Update user identification' APIs.
  • Fixed an issue with an informative error message upon trying to link a bulk card to an inactive user.
  • Fixed “matcher” format in the sample request for ‘Search for transactions’ API .
  • Fixed an issue when user KYC status for secondary users could not be changed.
  • Fixed an issue when invalid values were accepted for 'director_list', 'signature_list' and 'shareholder_ list' parameters in 'Users' APIs.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'regulator_name' parameter in 'Users' APIs.

Release Notes (04/04/2022)

Main features and improvements:
  • Added new 'Link cards to account' API, which is used to link multiple cards to one particular account. So when performing transactions from any of the cards, only the one linked account is debited or credited.
  • Added ability to create a card without an account. It is configured on the card product level, where you have to set the 'link_account_to_card' parameter as 'false'.
  • Added new parameters to 'Users' APIs, which are applicable for BUSINESS user_type. It helps to register a business user in the system and issue an account to him.
  • Implemented the following enhancements to the open banking widget, which helps to transfer funds from your bank account to your NymCard card account:
    • added a button to delink a bank
    • implemented handling of returned error codes
    • added ability to re-link the bank again in case the user has changed its banking credentials.
  • Implemented Postman collection setup. So now you can run the NymCard API collection in Postman. For more info refer to the relevant section of this guide.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the following issues with the widget, which helps to transfer funds from your bank account to your NymCard card account:
    • added error message showing upon transferring funds to a suspended/terminated account
    • fixed authentication error message
    • fixed the issue when cool-down period icon overlapped with the text
    • fixed the cool-down page draft
    • updated main page draft
    • fixed 'Top Up completed' page
    • improved user experience when it comes to navigating back to the main page.
  • Fixed the issue with uploading files for some identification types.
  • Fixed the issue with an error, which occurred when running 'Update card product' API.
  • Fixed issues related to PCI Widget, regarding set/change PIN functionality in particular.
  • Fixed an issue when KYC status could not be updated for users with 'SECONDARY KYC' policy.
  • Fixed an issue with special symbols when adding addresses in 'Create card' API. Now you can also use the following symbols: comma, semicolon, colon, apostrophe.
  • Fixed an issue with declined transaction status in 'Simulate transaction' API while linking a velocity limit to the card product.
  • Fixed an issue related to receiving webhook notifications with “event”: “IDENTITY_VERIFICATION” when tenant settings checks=‘FACIAL_SIMILARITY_VIDEO’.

Release Notes (16/03/2022)

Main features and improvements:
  • NymCard offers a possibility to transfer funds from your bank account to your NymCard card account using the widget. For more information refer to the ‘Funding and transfers’ section of our Getting Started guide.
  • Added ability to view and change card PIN using PCI widget, so cardholders can change or view the PIN which is required to perform cash withdrawals at the ATM or POS purchases with a physical card. For more information refer to the ‘Security’ section of our Getting Started guide.
  • Now you can maintain identification file type when the user uploads any document, so that the document and its version can be identified easily.
  • Added 'document_status' and 'document_status_reason' parameters to response in "User documents" APIs to capture the details of the identification lifecycle for each identification.
  • Now the “company_name” parameter in “Users” APIs is required ONLY IF the user is employed (i.e. employment_type is "SALARIED", "SELF_EMPLOYED" or "BUSINESS_OWNER").
  • Added such new user types as Director, Signature and Shareholder to “Users” APIs. This is part of SME Onboarding (KYB).
  • Added ‘desing_code’ parameter to “Card Products” APIs and ‘extra_embossing_line’ parameters to “Cards” APIs. It gives a possibility to define in which card design a card will be printed and enables to add the company name on a corporate card. This is required by the Perso center so they can find the exact card design that they need to Print on the plastic card.
  • Added “create_account_with_card” parameter to “Create card product” API. Also a new category “account_settings” is added to the “Update card product” API. These new parameters allow customers to create a card separately without auto-creating a card account and then linking this card to a preexisting account or to a newly created account. It provides the flexibility to link multiple cards to the same account.
  • Mandatory fields on the NymCard dashboard are now marked accordingly.
  • Conducted a reset on the NEO Admin Panel Dashboard.
Bug fixes:
  • fixed an issue with change of commission fees on Asia Cell and Toters.
  • Fixed BIN rerouting for several clients.
  • Fixed an issue when an error occurred while linking a bulk card to a user.
  • Fixed Onfido integration issues.