A virtual card or a physical card can be issued to a registered user. The card will be created for a card product already defined in the system. The card will inherit all features and characteristics which are configured on the card product. The nCore offers a set of APIs for card product management, card issuance, and card lifecycle management. The nCore platform processes authorization transactions performed with the issued cards.

Note: A card can only belong to a single card product.

Card lifecycle

Card lifecycle is the transitioning of a card through different card statuses beginning from card's issuance to its termination. Card statuses

Following table lists the possible card statuses.




A newly created card has its status set as inactive


The card can only be used for authorizations when its status is active


A card can be temporarily suspended and can be resumed to active status


A card can be terminated for various reasons, once terminated it cannot be transitioned back to any other status

Card issuance and replacement

It is possible to set the initial status of a newly created card at card product level. Initial status can be configured separately at card product level for physical cards and virtual cards. This allows the physical card to have the initial status as ‘Inactive’, whereas the virtual card can have the initial status as ‘Active’ on issuance.

An existing card can be replaced on termination. A replaced card has a different card number but has the same characteristics as the terminated card. For example, if a card expires then it can be replaced with the card having a new PAN and expiration date.

Card replacement can be done more than once. The replaced card will have reference to the terminated card. For example, let's suppose you create a card C1, you can replace C1 with C2, C2 will have a reference to C1 and so on.

Card expiration

nCore platform assigns an expiration date when a new card is created. This card remains valid until it reaches its expiration date.The nCore platform allows you to set the expiration date when creating a card.

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