Western Union APIs

We've added several APIs to API catalog, which are used for integration with Wester Union.

Note, that these APIs are for Sandbox & Staging testing.

Below you can find detailed information regarding the following APIs:

"Get delivery option template" API

The "description" field in the response of this API can be divided in several following fields:

For example, the AccountName field is returned with the following description:

<DESCRIPTION>receiver.bank_account.account_holder;Account Name; 35; 1563; Account Name required; 0; UPRSTRING; NL; 35;</DESCRIPTION>

The number of semicolon (;) will identify you the number of the fields.

The raw structure can be considered as follows for the above description:

<DESCRIPTION>Field1;Field2; Field3; Field4; Field5; Field6; Field7; Field8; Field9;< /DESCRIPTION>

The description of the delimiter can be defined as follows:

<DESCRIPTION>Xpath;label text; data length; field ID; is required(y/n); N/A; field type; new line; count of records for combo</DESCRIPTION>

The rest of the details will remain same like AIS.

Important Note:

The presence of “NL” value in Field 7 denotes that the next record in the record-set is a new APN field. If this field is blank, partner needs to process and display the next records in the record-set till the next “NL” will be read as 1 APN field.

"Get cascade list values" API

The "firstLevelValue" & "secondLevelValue" fields in this API can be divided in several fields. It depends on the region. Below you can find an example (for Bangladesh):

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