Webhooks management

You can create and manage your webhooks events by using our APIs. Following are the APIs available at nCore platform for webhooks event management.

  • Update a webhook

  • Get a list of webhooks

  • Get a specific webhook

  • Delete a webhook

  • Ping an existing webhook

  • Trigger an expired webhooks

Update a webhook

You can update the existing webhook as required. Send a PUT request to /webhooks/{id} endpoint to update a webhook.

Include the webhook ID as a path parameter to indicate the webhook which is required to be updated.

PUT /webhooks/{id}

{ "endpoint": "https://example.com/", "events": [ "CARD_STATUS_CHANGE" ] }

Retrieve webhooks

The nCore platform offers the following retrieval options for webhooks.

Retrieve all webhooks

You can retrieve all existing webhooks by sending a GET request to /webhooks endpoint as shown below.

GET /webhooks

Retrieve a specific webhook

You can retrieve a specific webhook by sending a GET request to /webhooks/{id} endpoint, where id is the webhook ID.

GET /webhooks/{id}

Delete a webhook

You can delete a specific webhook by sending a DELETE request to /webhooks/{id} endpoint, where id is the webhook ID.

DELETE /webhooks/{id}

Ping a webhook

You can ping an existing webhook endpoint for testing purposes (for example, to validate credentials and connectivity).

You can send a POST request to /webhooks/{id}:ping endpoint, where id is the webhook ID.

POST /webhooks/{id}:ping

Trigger expired webhooks

A webhook notification is counted as successfully transmitted when a positive response is received from your system. If a positive response is not received, then the platform retries to transmit the webhook notification. The number of retry attempts and the interval between retries (in seconds) are configured. If all the retries are exhausted for an individual notification event then that event is marked as expired.

It is possible to mark the expired events for retransmission on your request by sending a POST request to /webhooks/sendexpired endpoint.

POST /webhooks:sendexpired


"notification_id": “b012776c-ab74-4ece-8403-0bbb9130508c”


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