Enhancements for MCC list management

We’ve implemented enhancements for MCC list management.

Now you can have allowed and blocked MCCs in one list so that transactions can be authorized based on configured settings.

'Update allowed MCCs list by ID' API has the following updates:

  • "name" and "allow" parameters are removed

  • "mccs" parameter is changed to array list

MCC list can be updated even for ACTIVE card products using 'Update allowed MCCs list by ID' API.

'Update MCC list API': To add new mcc code(s), all existing mcc codes should be passed in the update payload in addition to the new one(s). To remove mcc code(s), all mcc codes should be passed in the update payload except for the one(s) to be removed.

Now the system creates and links default MCC list while creating card product with the ALL mcc codes = true (DEFAULT).

The impact on the existing card products/cards is the following:

  • Existing card product with no MCC list > MCC list will be created and linked to it (default of ALL = true)

  • Existing card product with one or more MCC lists (having some of the mcc codes = false) > migrated into 1 default MCC list with default ALL = true while the other MCC codes will still be read as "false".

Moreover, changes will be applied to the cards associated with the existing card products.

The below indicates that all MCC codes are supported:

"mccs": [
} ]

The below indicates that all MCC codes are supported except for MCC code = "9852":

"mccs": [
} ]

The "allowed_mccs_id" parameter is removed from 'Create card product' and 'Update card product' APIs requests.

Also "allowed_mccs_id " parameter continues to be reflected in the response of the following APIs:

1. Get card product

2. Get list of card products

3. Create card product

4. Update card product

5. Create card

6. Update card

7. Get card details

8. Get list of cards

9. Get card authorization settings data

10. Update card authorization settings data

11. Change card status

You can still create a new MCC list and add it at the card level via 'Update card auth settings' API.

Besides, you can find the list of supported MCCs in this GSG doc.

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