Multi-clearing process

We are excited to announce an enhancement to our multi-clearing process, designed to improve security and prevent negative balances in cardholder accounts.

Current Risk: Currently, when processing completion-amount-lesser and multi-clearing transactions, we return the remaining authorized amount to the cardholder immediately. This carries the risk that if further multi-clearing transactions for the same authorization are received, the cardholder's account could go into a negative balance.

Enhancement: With this new update, if the first clearing amount is less than the originally authorized amount, the remaining amount will no longer be immediately returned to the cardholder's wallet. Instead, the waiting time will be 30 days to allow any additional clearing transactions to be received and processed. If no additional clearings are received within this period, the remaining amount will then be returned to the cardholder with same Auth-aging process.


  1. A cardholder authorizes a transaction for $100.

  2. The first clearing transaction is for $20.

  3. Instead of immediately returning the remaining $80 to the cardholder, the waiting time will be 30 days.

  4. If another clearing transactions for the remaining $80 is received within this period, it will be processed accordingly.

  5. If no further clearing transactions are received, the $80 will be returned to the cardholder's account with Auth-aging process.

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