Webhook changes for simulation

We have added the ability to simulate (pre-defined successful) user’s status and to proceed for completing the user verification process ( for KYC and IDV) on the test environments (DEV, Staging, Sandbox, UAT). Below you can find respective webhook changes - the new fields in USER_STATUS_CHANGE & KYC_RESULT webhooks.

Changes in USER_STATUS_CHANGE webhook - new "note" field:

// { 
"user_id": "muhaysaaduser18JAN23", 
"old_status": "PENDINGKYC", 
"old_status_reason_code": "I0", 
"new_status": "ACTIVE", 
"new_status_reason_code": "A0", 
"user_type": "INDIVIDUAL", 
"note": "service.kyc.simulation", 
"created": "2023-01-18T11:55:23.976Z" 

Changes in KYC_RESULT webhook - new "status_description" field:

// { 
"event": "KYC_RESULT", 
"kyc_policy": "UAE_INDIVIDUAL_PRIMARY", 
"kyc_id": "performkyca18JAN2301", 
"user_id": "muhaysaaduser18JAN23", 
"note": "Some note", 
"old_status": "SUBMITTED", 
"status": "PASS", 
"status_code": "P0", 
"status_description": "service.kyc.simulation", 
"created": "2023-01-18T11:55:23.840Z", 
"modified": "2023-01-18T11:55:23.946Z" 

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