Introduction to webhooks

Webhooks provide a powerful way to keep you aware of what's happening in your card program. Webhooks notifications are triggered by the nCore platform to notify about the different activities happening outside of your system, such as a card status change, a card transaction at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, etc.

For example, when a card is activated, a webhook notification is sent with details of the card status update from “card not active” to “a card is active” status to the preconfigured endpoint. To receive and process these notifications, you are required to configure a webhook endpoint in your environment.

Webhooks are HTTPS requests sent from the nCore platform to your system as HTTPS POST requests. These requests contain JSON formatted information about the event and it is sent to a pre-configured receiving endpoint hosted on your system.

Essential uses

Following are the primary uses of webhooks notifications.

  • Financial record tracking: It can be used as a financial activity tracker, for example, load funds, transfers from one account to another account, etc.

  • Non-financial record tracking: It can be used as a non-financial activity tracker, for example, KYC verification and card lifecycle.

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